Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Going with the Flow

Our studio time this session started by asking everyone to think about how we perform in a given situation, and to consider what is left behind by - or constructed by - that experience. We discussed Plato's Allegory of the Cave, and I suggested we construct two-faced identity masks as a way of thinking through ideas of Persona and Shadow, while also building our sketchbook and journalling in the process.  Some of this has changed, and some of this will be pulled into what we are working on in May.

Here are some of the masks we worked on for the conference. You were all given free space to work through the materials as a technical challenge - using plasticine, paint and paper mache, and came up with very evocative, dynamic and expressive pieces. (pics here shortly)

Sketchbooks: You can use your own work to draw from, literally in your sketchbooks, and question and even challenge yourself on the choices you made in your work. You can re-draw elements, explore different colour combinations, play with scale and detail, or draw what an alternative mask of different choices might look like.
You can do some free association with words or images to try to tease out an idea you might want to work on more, or that you found exciting about during the process. Perhaps you would like to work with a someone else on something. Keep it positive by finding something you really like about what you've done, and working on it more, or something you thought you would have liked to have done (critique), and so will investigate now.

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