Friday, 25 April 2014

Quick Friday!!

Today was quick yet quite involved. We have revised our project approach to fit in to our new schedule and I wasn't sure how it would look today but am so happy with everyone's efforts at being creative. Thanks you for some really interesting ideas and work!

Plasticine designs on our masks was productive, and very individualized, with quite different ideas and approaches to the process, including pencil and pen line work or sketching, paint, and full-on building through the plasticine colours.

The original process is 1) plasticine "maquette"(sort of plan or model which in our case was to get us inspired) made right on our masks,
2) papier mache to cover and secure soft spots, and allow for
3)painting and design details.
So for Monday, I will have torn paper and glue for anyone to papier mache over their work, to add some to create a base for new work or to just try and incorporate into their designs.  We will have paint and plasticine out too...and we can just work it out as we go.

Keep in mind that wet paint on wet glue has a different effect than wet  paint on dry...
Now that I think about it, I will bring some gems/jewels, feathers and streamers(thanks Imogen!) to
add as well.
We may find time on Friday again, if needed, to finish. I'll confirm with Erika.

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